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Never lead alone.

This is the podcast for leaders and those who should be leading. It’s a powerful gathering of people of influence in the areas of business, community and faith.


Leading Your Team Through An Impossible Task

Leaders and entrepreneurs are uniquely adept at doing the impossible. It's how we're designed. Yet, the real challenge is leading our team through an impossible task. How do we accomplish critical, and extremely difficult assignments, without burning out our entire...

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How Leaders Survive Losing Their Best Person

Many times, it's the worst thing that can happen to a leader. First, there is a knock on the door, followed by, "Boss, you've got a minute?" Having your best person letting you know they are leaving the company can ruin any business owner's day, and in many cases can...

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Leading With Knots In Your Stomach

If you're going to be a leader. If you're going to be an entrepreneur. Then you're going to end up with knots in your stomach. By nature, leaders are always pushing things to the limit, and demanding the most out of themselves and their teams. Yet, this doesn't mean...

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The Leadership Art Of Finishing Well

Anyone can start. Be a finisher. This is a powerful statement for leaders and entrepreneurs. But it's one many struggle with in a mighty way. Coming up with an idea on a cocktail napkin is the fun part of starting a business or new venture. Yet, it's the ability to...

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Leadership Techniques For Herding Butterflies

Entrepreneurs and leaders are among the most innovative people in the world. Yet, this same extraordinary creative skill can prove to be a great weakness as well, as chasing butterflies can be a distraction to achieving their most business critical goals. Join Michael...

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Leading When You’re Overwhelmed

Every leader gets overwhelmed. In fact, the ability to deal competently in the face of overlapping priorities is one of the most critical success factors of a leader. Yet, it's also one of the most unpleasant tasks and the cause of tremendous stress, and oftentimes...

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Leading When Nobody Likes You

No one wants to work for an intolerable grump. And the truth is, few will.  Yet, even the kindest, most beloved of leaders find themselves in a position at times when they must make difficult and unpopular directional shifts. In fact, if you aren't being disliked on...

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