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Never lead alone.

This is the podcast for leaders and those who should be leading. It’s a powerful gathering of people of influence in the areas of business, community and faith.


Leading Across The Generation Gap

Struggling with the Millennials in your business? Or maybe you're a Millennial who is challenged with leading a Gen X'er or a Baby Boomer. Although no one wants to be labeled, there are broad patterns of behavioral variations across generations. As a leader, it's...

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One Word That Will Set Leaders Free

There is a mindset that is holding leaders back more than just about anything else. Not only will this constrain your effectiveness in leading your team, but it will send you down a daily road to disappointment and depression. Could there be one word that will free...

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How Leaders Can Keep From Burning Out

Burn out. Depression.  All too often, these are the real experiences of business owners as they face a sense of being trapping in a cage of their own making. If an entrepreneur loses their sense of vision, their feeling of hope, they will find themselves rapidly on a...

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Leading Your Team Through An Impossible Task

Leaders and entrepreneurs are uniquely adept at doing the impossible. It's how we're designed. Yet, the real challenge is leading our team through an impossible task. How do we accomplish critical, and extremely difficult assignments, without burning out our entire...

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How Leaders Survive Losing Their Best Person

Many times, it's the worst thing that can happen to a leader. First, there is a knock on the door, followed by, "Boss, you've got a minute?" Having your best person letting you know they are leaving the company can ruin any business owner's day, and in many cases can...

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Leading With Knots In Your Stomach

If you're going to be a leader. If you're going to be an entrepreneur. Then you're going to end up with knots in your stomach. By nature, leaders are always pushing things to the limit, and demanding the most out of themselves and their teams. Yet, this doesn't mean...

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The Leadership Art Of Finishing Well

Anyone can start. Be a finisher. This is a powerful statement for leaders and entrepreneurs. But it's one many struggle with in a mighty way. Coming up with an idea on a cocktail napkin is the fun part of starting a business or new venture. Yet, it's the ability to...

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Leadership Techniques For Herding Butterflies

Entrepreneurs and leaders are among the most innovative people in the world. Yet, this same extraordinary creative skill can prove to be a great weakness as well, as chasing butterflies can be a distraction to achieving their most business critical goals. Join Michael...

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Leading When You’re Overwhelmed

Every leader gets overwhelmed. In fact, the ability to deal competently in the face of overlapping priorities is one of the most critical success factors of a leader. Yet, it's also one of the most unpleasant tasks and the cause of tremendous stress, and oftentimes...

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Leading When Nobody Likes You

No one wants to work for an intolerable grump. And the truth is, few will.  Yet, even the kindest, most beloved of leaders find themselves in a position at times when they must make difficult and unpopular directional shifts. In fact, if you aren't being disliked on...

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How To Love Your Business Again

Every business launches with great expectations. Yet, oftentimes it doesn't take long for the daily grind, extraordinary pressures and recurring disappointments of leading a venture to take its toll on even the hardiest of entrepreneurs. Are you finding yourself a...

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Am I The Only One Here Who Cares?

As a leader, how many times have you asked yourself this question: "Am I the only one here who cares?" If you're like most business leaders or entrepreneurs, this is a question posed often. But, is it healthy for us to be in this mindset? Will it destroy our team and...

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When To Let Them Go

Recruiting and developing strong people is the most critical and challenging job for most leaders. Equally difficult is the task of knowing when to let those employees go who don't seem to be fully embracing the opportunity you're providing for them. It's not that...

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What Every Leader Should Know About Integrity

Nearly all leaders use the word integrity when describing themselves or their principles of business on resumes and websites all throughout the world. But how many of them truly understand what the word means and if they or their organization are really measuring up?...

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How Leaders Gain Victory Over Debt

Debt is something every leader will face somewhere along their journey. Most entrepreneurs need capital to get their ideas off of the ground. But, this initial desire to finance a new idea, expanded service or company growth can often snowball rapidly into an...

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The Most Important Reality Check For Leaders

This may surprise you, but the top challenges a leader faces are frequently ones they don't even know exist. Too often, the Emperor Has No Clothes; yet, there is no one with the guts to let him or her know. If you are brave enough to listen to what is revealed here,...

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Leadership And The Forgotten Family

It's a good business practice to seek feedback from your customers and employees. Yet, as leaders, are we brave enough to survey our family with the open ended question of "How am I doing?" as a husband, wife, father or mother? For most of us pouring our time and...

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How Leaders Can Free Themselves From Worry

As a leader, have you ever found yourself staring up at the ceiling with your heart pounding at 2:30 in the morning? You're desperate to get some sleep, but all you can do is worry. And then you worry about worrying. Worry can be a crippling disease for leaders, and...

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