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Never lead alone.

This is the podcast for leaders and those who should be leading. It’s a powerful gathering of people of influence in the areas of business, community and faith.


Leading Across The Generation Gap

Struggling with the Millennials in your business? Or maybe you're a Millennial who is challenged with leading a Gen X'er or a Baby Boomer. Although no one wants to be labeled, there are broad patterns of behavioral variations across generations. As a leader, it's...

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One Word That Will Set Leaders Free

There is a mindset that is holding leaders back more than just about anything else. Not only will this constrain your effectiveness in leading your team, but it will send you down a daily road to disappointment and depression. Could there be one word that will free...

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How Leaders Can Keep From Burning Out

Burn out. Depression.  All too often, these are the real experiences of business owners as they face a sense of being trapping in a cage of their own making. If an entrepreneur loses their sense of vision, their feeling of hope, they will find themselves rapidly on a...

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