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This is the podcast for leaders and those who should be leading. It’s a powerful gathering of people of influence in the areas of business, community and faith.


How Leaders Can Free Themselves From Worry

As a leader, have you ever found yourself staring up at the ceiling with your heart pounding at 2:30 in the morning? You're desperate to get some sleep, but all you can do is worry. And then you worry about worrying. Worry can be a crippling disease for leaders, and...

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Why Are You Always Stuck Leading?

It doesn't matter if it's at work, at church or while serving on jury duty, it seems like it's the same people over and over again who get chosen as leaders. If this is you, it won't take long for the additional work, cost, time commitment, stress and responsibility...

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How Leaders Survive Those Really Bad Days

Ever say to yourself, "If every day is like yesterday, I don't want to do this anymore?" Most leaders, if they are being honest have uttered these words countless times as they've built their vision. Yet, sometimes this feeling can repeat itself over and over again to...

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Strengthening The Heart Of A Leader

It's been shared the two most essential attributes of a successful leader are strength and kindness. There are many strong leaders, but they have no heart, and they leave behind a trail of the battered and bruised. Then there are those who are kind, yet they are too...

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How Winning Leaders Deal With Success

What is one of the biggest threats to leaders and entrepreneurs? The answer may surprise you. It's success. Yes, that's right. Many business schools and entrepreneur coaches will give you guidance on overcoming challenges and failures in your organization. Few will...

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How Winning Leaders Deal With Disappointment

Successful leaders aren't experts at success. They are experts at overcoming disappointment. Yet, responding well in the face of adversity can be one of the greatest challenges a leader has to deal with on the road to reaching their vision. How should you deal with...

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The Keystone For Successful Leadership

In this, the launch episode of the Two Are Gathered Leadership podcast, Michael K. Reynolds and Jim Johnson reveal the "keystone" to surviving and thriving as a leader through times of great challenges...and sweet victories. They also explain the purpose and vision of...

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